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Featured Guest:

Hope Fitzgerald

Using the Ancient Technology of Dowsing to Navigate Life

Join this fascinating call with Hope Fitzgerald today where she shares the ancient knowledge and wisdom around Dowsing!

Dowsing has been used for as long as there have been people on this planet. 8,000 year old cave drawings in France reveal a clear depiction of a dowser and there are numerous references to it in the Bible, to name just a few examples. Originally used to find water and minerals (copper, tin, silver, etc.), dowsing evolved into a divination tool until the Spanish Inquisition tried to stamp it out. (Ironically, the Spanish judges used a single rod to decide if a witch was innocent or guilty!)

Join this call today and find out why people use Intuitive Dowsing when they are at a crossroads or have burning questions about a direction to take, a partnership in business or love, a potential move, or an overall issue of not knowing what to do with their lives.

PLUS PLUS PLUS: Enter a drawing for a FREE 1/2 hour dowsing session with Hope! Click the 'ENTER DRAWING' button under Hope's photo for a chance to win!

Here's what you can look forward to on today's call with Hope:

  • The cosmic “Easy Button” – there hasn’t been an easy tool like this to help us evolve before
  • Discover ways to widen your perspective on your role and your larger purpose
  • The personal relevance of evolution – why it matters. We’re not pushing the edge of the envelope, we are creating a new envelope
  • Learn all about the Infinity Wave and how it makes resistance drop away!
  • What it means to ‘become your own guru’ - connect directly with Source & Earth – become a conduit

PLUS, Hope will be taking questions live and will be dowsing on the live call, so be sure to dial in or ask your question online! Don't forget the free drawing, enter on the left <--

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